Do They Speak “Awesome” in Costa Rica?

Well, it’s official: I’m a spoiled brat. You all may have known this before, and my parents have been well aware of this for years – but it has reached a whole new level with this latest development: I just received an all-expenses-paid, 8-day, 7-night trip to Costa Rica from their Tourism Board.
It’s called The Million Dollar Gift of Happiness, and they’ve gifted lucky bloggers and social media people like yours truly with an opportunity to experience Costa Rica in all its beauty. And they don’t just send you there and say hasta luego – they pack each day with incredible adventures: an aerial tram tour over the rainforest, tours of small towns and organic cocoa + banana plantations; Caribbean cooking with the locals, rides down the Yorkin River in a dug-out canoe; and visits to an exotic animal rescue center (where you get to play with MONKEYS!!!1!!!) . And don’t forget beach lounging and spa-going at the 4-star resorts.

So…see the sloth guy up in that picture? He’s my new best friend. We’ll be bunking together. I’ll make him little hats out of scraps of my clothing, and I will see how long it takes for him to rip it off his head and gauge out my eyes with his sickle-like hands.

Thank you to the wonderful Alana Brooks for making this happen, and, of course to Visit Costa Rica (@Visit_CostaRica) for this insane opportunity.