Cocktail Happy: Pegu Club at Backbar

Backbar is Somerville, Massachusett’s joint; a favorite for industry folk, a hangout for the irony-free hipster types, neighborhood twenty-somethings, and, well…me. I fall into any of these categories (except for the fact that I don’t live in the ‘Ville), and into the most important one: people who simply want a good drink.

The art of the cocktail is practiced at Backbar, and it’s obvious the staff cares — you’ll wait a little longer for your concoction to be crafted, but it will be all worth it once that liquid gold hits your lips. Case in point: bartender Sam Treadway’s riff on the Pegu Club, a drink my friends at Barker & Mills (a superb handmade garnish company) urged me to try, which features their cherry juice.

A mix of gin, cherry cordial, lime juice and angostura bitters, this one is tart, slightly sweet, and has a smoky, gin-y bite. Sip it, because you’re classy.