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What I’m Reading Now: “The Book of Human Insects” by Osamu Tezuka

When the lovely Laura Shatzkin at Vertical, Inc. offered me a copy of The Book of Human Insects by the “grandfather” of Japanese comics, Osamu Tezuka (Astro Boy), I nearly soiled my ill-fitting pants in anticipation. Then, I took some deep breaths, cleaned myself up, and asked her to send it to me. I sat staring at the mailbox for a full two days.

And now, I have it in my clutches – as you may know, I’m a huge Tezuka fan, specifically for his work on Buddha. Can’t WAIT to break it open!

The book description:

Osamu Tezuka’s The Book of Human Insects is a dark and haunting story of a young woman who has plagiarized, blackmailed, stolen, and replicated the works of others in her quest for success and public adoration. As she climbs higher and higher – from acclaimed stage actress, to award-winning architect, and, finally, to the recipient of the Akutagawa Prize for Japan’s best new writer — Toshiko Tomura will stop at nothing, not even murder, to get what she wants.

The Book of Human Insects was originally serialized in the 1970s. But Tezuka’s disturbing, seductive vision of a world where only those willing to sell their souls to the masses can achieve their dreams, will resonate today more than ever. Contemporary culture is shaped by reality shows, tabloids, and gossip blogs. We have become obsessed with celebrity, and readily accept it as a substitute for true talent and any semblance of artistic integrity.

With his unerring skill at understanding the psychological and emotional underpinnings of behavior, Osamu Tezuka anticipated this cult of fame by forty years. In his wickedly entertaining tale – now available in English for the first time – he uses his sharpest scalpel to peel back the layers and reveal the essence of our humanity.

Geekspeak for Dating

As a perpetually single nerd girl, I sometimes, albeit rarely, find myself on dates with men who aren’t geeks. I know, I know, it’s breaking the code – but I try to keep an open mind, an open heart, open gams. I mean…open…path to the soul? What?

Thankfully, I’m currently dating someone who understands what it means when something like, “in heat, am I” or “teehee! it’s just like playing Atari!” comes out of my mouth…but some of you ladies may not be so lucky. Here are a few scenarios where you can use your geekspeak knowledge to your advantage. Listen and learn, nerf herders.
Use Your Geekspeak to: Have a Private Laugh at Your Date’s Expense


Him: “So yeah, my job covers a lot of turf in toxicity lawuits; scoping out land, discussing fracking (hydraulic fracturing) issues…”

Me *spits out drink*: “Did you just say frakking issues?”
Use Your Geekspeak for: Rejection


Me: Thanks so much for the date…I would kiss you goodbye, but I have the same mutant powers as Rogue and I wouldn’t want to kill you!

Him: *blank stare*

Me: *walks away*
Use Your Geekspeak for: Talking Dirty

*pointing at ladyparts* Here’s the Death Star…you be Han Solo. Like the pew pew pew! Get it??
Use Your Geekspeak for: Picking Up Someone at the Bar

I really like those pants you’re wearing (then, include a spoken hashtag aside: #theywouldlookbetteronmyfaceimeanmyfloor).
Now I want to hear from YOU – post your Dating Geekspeak scenarios in the comments section below!

WAAANT! Earloomz STAR WARS Bluetooth Headsets

Because I’m a biz gal and a relentless geek, I haz a dilemma: how to talk hands-free on my cell without looking like a douchebag – and we all know how hard that is to do.

But today, like a beacon of light shining down from the galaxies, my inbox glowed with the news that Earloomz was releasing an entire collection of Star Wars-inspired Bluetooth headsets.

From the press release:

The new Earloomz STAR WARS collection includes four distinct headsets – featuring Boba Fett, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker and The Empire Strikes Back’s climactic ’Dark Duel.’ Future styles  – including Yoda, R2-D2, C-3PO, Princess Leia, Darth Maul, Chewbacca the Wookiee, Jabba the Hutt, Han Solo, Obi-Wan Kenobi and more – are planned for release later in 2011.

HUZZAH! NOW I can look like a SUPER-NERDY douchebag! From far away, I will seem like a pretentious business woman, but up close – BAM! – I gots the Force. In my ear.

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PS: If someone sends me one, I’m going to take a series of photos of myself in public wearing this thing. Making awesome faces. Being awesome.

PPS: Douche Vader.

Help The Nerdy Bird with her MDA Muscle Walk! Do eeet!

I’m re-posting this blog for my darling pal and fellow geekstress, Jill Pantozzi (aka @TheNerdyBird) – not because I’m lazy, but because I can’t put it any better than she does. The full, original post is at Jill’s blog, TheNerdyBird.com.

Help Me with My MDA Muscle Walk!
(originally posted on TheNerdyBird.com, by Jill Pantozzi)
Who says fundraising can’t be fun? At last year’s MDA Stride & Ride we raised $142,000 towards curing Muscular Dystrophy. Not only that, I got to meet Batman. I can only imagine what will happen this year.

In case you’re new to my blog, here’s a quick history of my involvement with the Muscular Dystrophy Association. I was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy, specifically Spinal Muscular Atrophy, when I was two and a half. My involvement with MDA came soon after that in the form of emotional support for my family as well as financial support for doctors visits and wheelchairs/braces. And in a way you can thank MDA for this blog even existing. It was my appearances on the MDA Jerry Lewis Telethon starting at age seven that got me interested in TV and journalism to begin with.

All that being said, it’s time for the annual MDA Muscle Walk (previously called Stride & Ride) for the NY-NJ Metro area. On March 12 I’ll be gathering up my team, “The Nerdy Birds,” to walk around the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ along with countless other teams fighting for a cure. So what do I need from you? Anything you can spare.

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The 7 Most Disturbing – Yet Kind of Cool – Japanese Inventions (via Guyism.com)

A few months ago (when I still lived in NYC!), I wrote a lil’ post for Guyism.com: The 7 Most Disturbing – Yet Kind of Cool – Japanese Inventions, and realized I never linked to it on here! I did a ton of research to find the most legitimately disconcerting inventions from my most favorite Land of the Rising Sun – and you wouldn’t believe the crazy crap that comes out of that country. I even had a little throw-up-in-my-mouth action after seeing a few of these things. For reals.

A sneak peek at my favorite:

#7.  Placenta Drink (2008)
Placenta Drink 1 135x95 The 7 most disturbing (yet kind of cool) Japanese inventionsBecause nothing quenches your thirst like animal fetus casing, Japanese beauty company Nihon Sofuken created the Qbit Placenta 10000 Jelly drink, made of 10% pig placenta. The placenta – the temporary organ connecting the mother to the fetus – is removed from pigs, stripped from any lingering birth matter and manufactured into a jelly, spiked with a refreshing peach flavor. Sure, it grosses us out that people have been eating this stuff since B.C. for the apparent health benefits, but something about a jelly drink just tips the scale.

Read the full post (and the six other most disturbing inventions) here!