Comic Book Donations for Boston Children’s Hospital

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In the wake of what has been a shocking and tragic happening in my city, I’ve come to love Boston even more passionately. The goodness, caring and openness has been among the most prevalent I’ve ever seen, and I feel lucky to call this place home.

It also made me wonder — as I was lucky enough to be miles away when the marathon bombings occurred — what kind of person would I have been at that explosion: the kind who runs away from the smoke and fire, or the one who runs towards it to help others? I’d really, really like to think I would be the latter. I think we all would.


That said, I want to help. In the very least, I’d like to distract the traumatized, the children, the people whose lives are going to be changed forever, regardless of limbs lost or physical impairments. So I asked my friends at local comic shops and publishers to help me bring kids-friendly comic books and books to Boston Children’s Hospital, and anywhere else that needs them.

I will be dropping off donations at Boston Children’s Hospital on the morning of Wednesday, April 24. If you are a publisher, local shop or individual that wants to send all-ages reads (NO swearing, nudity, etc.), please email me at adri (dot) cowan (at) gmail (dot) com. Please do not send anything but kid-friendly books.

Cut-off date for donations was Tuesday, April 23; if you’re interested in making further donations, please contact me for the mailing address.

Thank you, my friends.

Donations & “Thank You’s” Update (4/18)

So far, I’ve received numerous inquiries to donate from some amazing individuals, publishing companies and local shops, including:

…and gigantic, ginormous thank you’s to:

11 thoughts on “Comic Book Donations for Boston Children’s Hospital

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  2. adri.cowan@gmail.com

    Comic Books+ Children= Reading, Knowledge, Confidence, and Creativity. Now I should add therapy . Getting lost in humor and fantasy is a good thing I call it , Comic Book Therapy.
    Adri , thank you for keeping the super powers in all of us!!! Archie Andrews and his Gang say Zam Wham Wow on your outreach to the comic book world!
    Nancy Silberkleit

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