Geekspeak for Dating

As a perpetually single nerd girl, I sometimes, albeit rarely, find myself on dates with men who aren’t geeks. I know, I know, it’s breaking the code – but I try to keep an open mind, an open heart, open gams. I mean…open…path to the soul? What?

Thankfully, I’m currently dating someone who understands what it means when something like, “in heat, am I” or “teehee! it’s just like playing Atari!” comes out of my mouth…but some of you ladies may not be so lucky. Here are a few scenarios where you can use your geekspeak knowledge to your advantage. Listen and learn, nerf herders.
Use Your Geekspeak to: Have a Private Laugh at Your Date’s Expense


Him: “So yeah, my job covers a lot of turf in toxicity lawuits; scoping out land, discussing fracking (hydraulic fracturing) issues…”

Me *spits out drink*: “Did you just say frakking issues?”
Use Your Geekspeak for: Rejection


Me: Thanks so much for the date…I would kiss you goodbye, but I have the same mutant powers as Rogue and I wouldn’t want to kill you!

Him: *blank stare*

Me: *walks away*
Use Your Geekspeak for: Talking Dirty

*pointing at ladyparts* Here’s the Death Star…you be Han Solo. Like the pew pew pew! Get it??
Use Your Geekspeak for: Picking Up Someone at the Bar

I really like those pants you’re wearing (then, include a spoken hashtag aside: #theywouldlookbetteronmyfaceimeanmyfloor).
Now I want to hear from YOU – post your Dating Geekspeak scenarios in the comments section below!

4 thoughts on “Geekspeak for Dating

  1. First of all BRILLIANT idea… I think that this will start a whole THREAD of responses and be the internet phenomenon of the summer!

    Second of all, that feeling of a sudden disturbance in the Force is millions of nerds’ heads exploding that Adri is either single or dating geeks…

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  3. Well, I cry a little whenever my ex would constantly say “Hey Listen” and I had no C-Up button to make her stop. What’s worse is her doing this without even knowing the Zelda reference. :[

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