Short Review: "Going Postal" by Martha Cooper

Remember when you were a kid and your favorite books didn’t need any words? Introducing a picture book for the grown-up urbanite: it’s Going Postal, renown street-art photographer Martha Cooper’s collection of brilliant mailing label street art photography.

I’m lucky to be living in New York City, if only for the abundant array of graffiti. Part of the fun was recognizing several spotlighted artists in the book from my city meanderings, and now I’m always keeping my eyes peeled for more pieces.

My favorite is C. Damage, who shapes her stickers into precious teddy bears that brighten up those dull, dirty buildings. Faust is another artist I recognize and enjoy, with a mind-blowing collection of lettering that ranges from standard tagging to medieval script.

Released by Mark Batty Publisher this year, Going Postal captures the normally gritty, weathered art in its most refined form; crisp, vibrant photography on smooth pages and bound in hardcover. It’s a sweet addition to my growing collection of graffiti books (and I have to say, the most affordable – I copped it for under ten bucks!) and has grown to be one of my most treasured because of its personal appeal and niche focus.

Read on for a glimpse at some of my favorite pieces…

9 thoughts on “Short Review: "Going Postal" by Martha Cooper

  1. Unrelated to your post, but just thought you’d be interested to know that I had a dream about you last night, even though we’ve never technically met (we spoke on the phone once, a year ago, when you were getting in touch with your royal Druish roots). You were sitting on a couch and I was lying across the couch, with my head in your lap. You were stroking my hair, telling me it was all going to be okay. I woke up with a smile.

    Weird, no?

  2. There was a unicorn in my dream, too. I just didn’t mention it because this is a family-friendly site. No salt n pepa, but there was a vacuum cleaner infomercial on in the background, which isn’t much different.

  3. ANONYMOUS….feel free to email me if you’d like to chat about this creepy dream you had!

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